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 About Me........

Diane Morrison lives in Inverness, she is married and  has two grown up children and two wired to the moon terriers.

Previously to conducting Humanist Ceremonies she was a Wedding Photographer so she knows how to deal with high pressure situations and has the ability to think on her feet.

In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and loves nothing better than putting the dogs in the car and driving to somewhere remote and wild and just walking in the beautiful surroundings.

 Motorbiking is another passion of hers,  and at present she rides a Suzuki GSX1100 which is great fun :)

Humanism is important to Diane she knows we have one life and it's our job to live it as best as we can, being fair and kind to all we come into contact with and trying to do our best also to be kind to this planet we call ours.

Diane takes her role as a Humanist Celebrant very seriously and is very aware of the trust her clients put in her and she will always go out of her way to make sure the client has the ceremony befitting their needs and wants.

When not working, dog walking or riding motorbikes Diane very much enjoys a tall glass of the scrumpy her husband makes every year :) 

This is little  Peggi, she was a poor wee rescue dog, she still has her moments but is very much part of the family  :)

Let me introduce to you, The Boo she is a lady of a certain age and after a very full and active life she now very much enjoys taking it easy with a toy and in the sunny patch, but don't worry she still can bring shame on the family with some very badly behaved terrier moments :)

This is my already mentioned motorbike, GSX 1100, it's a superb bike and much loved by me :)

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