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Humanist Funerals

Celebrating Lives and Legacies

Humanist funerals offer a dignified and personal way to celebrate a life; they are warm, compassionate and meaningful.

I know death can be a sad and difficult time and a funeral or memorial ceremony is important for family and friends to focus their thoughts on the person who has died. A humanist ceremony brings people together to share their sadness but also to celebrate the life lived and the memories that live on.

Every Humanist Society Scotland funeral or memorial ceremony is unique as the life it celebrates.

What's different about a Humanist Ceremony?

It is important that a funeral or memorial ceremony is a reflection of the person who has died and is right for their close family. A fitting celebration of someone's life is an incredibly meaning way to say farewell and can be a great comfort.

Humanist ceremonies place the life lived at their centre, with stories and memories that make them authentic and true to the life they are celebrating.

Often Humanist ceremonies include the lighter stories from someone's life enabling the ceremony to be well balanced with the right touch of humour  where appropriate.

Humanist funerals may also include readings, poetry and music suitable for a non-religious ceremony. In addition there will be a moment of quiet reflection so everyone can think about the person who has died in the way that best fits with their own beliefs.

How is a Humanist Funeral Arranged?

Well you can get in touch with me directly or you can tell your Funeral Director my name and they will contact me. Once it's confirmed I am free to help you, we will have a  meeting and I will find out as much as I can about the person who has died. This time is spent talking about the memories and stories which made your relative or friend so unique and about how you would like them remembered. We may also discuss any music, readings or poems you would like included and any contributions there may be from family or friends. 

Following our meeting, I will weave together your stories and memories with any music, poetry and readings to craft a beautiful, touching and meaningful tribute.

Before the funeral I will send a copy of the ceremony to you to ensure it is a sincere reflection of the person who has died that allows you and others to say farewell in just the right way.

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